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You'll find information about the history of the Foundation, the members and get information about the Foundations grants. You can also read about the daily operation of the administration on Gammeltorv and Bonderup.

Fra Frederik Paludan, Direktør i Den Schou-Beckmanske Stiftelse 1974-2006 har Den Suhrske Stiftelse som gave modtaget fotografi af maleri af Elizabeth Beckman (1754-1838).
Elizabeth Beckman er søster til Dorothea Beckman (K1; 1759-1842), som blev gift Ole Bernt Suhr (M1; 1762-1815). Dorothea & Ole Bernt Suhr er forældre til Den Suhrske Stiftelses Testator Johannes Theodorus Suhr (M6; 1792-1858)

Suhr Foundation Annual General Meeting
30. November 2013 .
Gl. Torv 22,
1457 København K.
Dear family member

The board wants to inform all family members in a simple and quick manner,
via e -mail only !!! So please update your address incl. Family number to

Following 35 years of service  Elsebeth wants to retire.
A younger family  member will be elected at the general assembly last saturday in November.
A candidate has to submit at least 25 supporters Not later than 8 Days prior to the general

Next family reunion will be at Bonderup Saturday May 24, 2014